Blue Pottery-002

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The very ancient and historical city, Multan of Pakistan, is well reputed for its unique handicrafts. In these handicrafts, the art of painting and blue-pottery have their special encampment. These old art have become the identity of Multan because of the painting of blue and turquoise blue colour. In spite of sub-continent, in the central Asian states and in Arab realms, these arts are approved and also praised no doubt, the art of painting and blue-pottery have their exalted ranks as excellent arts in Islamic way of life. From A to Z, all accomplishment by the hands of human beings, thousand years old arts are manifastating still today with all of their freshness and shines in mosques, tombs and cemeteries in buildings of historical importance, in palaces and farts.

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Blue pottery product Hand crafted unique design.

This product can be used for Home decoration.

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